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it's hard fighting alone
tenzo smile
that title applies to some..uh fighting i tried to have in a forum LOL

wouldnt get to the details but it's abt Malaysia vs. Indonesia. a classic fight I must say, there is only lik.. 1 out of 10 people there that is rational, they just wont stop fighting it's ridiculous. come on

oh well, I'm an Indo but I goes for peace. off course there is some aspect that irritates me abt Malaysia, but I cant help but say that Indonesia also had things that irritate me. so, please, the people there are like..what? 20-something? and even a 18 years old girl can think more rationally than them, WHATTHE-

anyway, this is a semi rant post :3
today has been a day of mood swing to me.... hahah, I rarely do get pissed off at public, but it seemed not today.

reasons being (some are ridiculous)
-that above
-mom said that I dont have any friend and mocks me about me prefer to be on internet rather than spending NYE at friend's house
-while all of my best friends who understood me are on the net
-mom doesnt let me cut my hair
-and she gets mad at me upon seeing my hair not being tidy (when i's long, it tends to be untidy and a bit wavy)
-and blamed it at me because I dont take a good, womanly care of it
-my bro being a total whiny douchebag
-and at the mall i'm a bit pouty because of my mood and she told me "this is why you didnt have any friends"
-and when i get back to net and proceed to chat with my online BFF, she told me off again
-and complaint abt my fashion sense, while i'm in my casual-home-clothes
-maybe caused by lack of Basarafagging lately?

well, derp. ridiculous, rite? LOLIDK, maybe it's alright to get pissed off sometime :3
anyway, when I get pissed off I just love to do details on my artwork, so that pissing off thing was actually productive? LOL i dont know anymore.
so yeah, because of that I totally managed to whip up my unfinished artwork, it's on my deviantart, HERE but there is a less gory version of it that I liked very very very much, I'll share it here since some of my friend can't open pixiv :3. WARNING - HE'S BUTT NAKED

oh, and I drew some a*ni*ki / Mitsundere earlier, because i'm watching aniki's green route, and Mitsundere is VERY adorkable there xD

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(huggles) I hope the day improves, I find a lot of parents (mine included) see online relationships as not real or fake, but I think what's most important is that your happy :]

/gives a Laxus

:3 thanks for the concern xD
and yeah, as of current, my online and otaku friends is the real one out of them two LOL, as many of my IRL friend just befriended me if they want something D:, but meh, IDRC, I have you guys xDD

/receives Laxus!
gosh, I really need to do more fanarts of him xD

sounds like your mum was complaining mostly about how you look and having no friends ;___; kinda ridiculous!! and why do you want to cut your hair short?? it's awesome long and messy xD!!

i didn't see your butt-naked warning until after i opened it!!! LOL nice, put the warning after the link :P

yea LOL, my head feels heavy and hot D:

rofl xD, but I assumed that you'll be interested in the cut rather than the actual link xD, sorry then LOL
I showed Tom earlier and he waslike "uh... WTF IS THIS?"
mainly because I asked "do you mind a bot of gore and manbutt?" first xDDD

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