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Marco omfg cute <3
life so far...

so now that i got back to Indo, my life had been lifeless so far LOLOL
so yeah, my daily activities : woke up late -> chores -> accompany mom to everywhere -> evening nap -> draw -> hang out with family -> midnight drawing -> repeat.

yohohoho i need a life xD
anw, i will be going to WC USA and Canada this 1st December for a change of pace... I think i'll be bored there tho, everything on the tour schedule is monuments and buildings =w=
I wanna see snow eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

my life is still full of kitsune!Mitsunari OLOLOLOL, he's still too adorkable, I watched the gameplay thing and the first thing he shouted in the game was "IIEEYASSUUUUU" while bending backward and all that LOL, seriously Ieyasu, you dont expect this when you kill Hideyoshi, don't you? xD
One Piece was awesome as always, Oda I will follow you forever, that jellyfish joke seriously cracks me up. I snorted, HARD, at a quiet starbucks and people are looking at me because of that, BUT I'M NOT ASHAMED, I'M A TARD AFTER ALL 8DDD. and dont get me started on Franky's nipple light LOL

on the rant side
I hate people overestimating me orz
i need more munnies orz
I need to buy a white wig too.
oh, and people who knows this btw. I decided to buy only the Law figure (Kidd.... TAT) and will still (hopefully) do Mitsunari <3

P.S - I'm on a Hondam

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hm? what do you mean about people overestimating you? =3

and how long you going to Canada/WC for? It's still early winter, but maybe you'll get snow :)

:3 oh, nothing serious xD (if it's something serious i'll make a rant post LOL)

12 days :3
yea, vancouver is snowing! xD, I'm not going there tho, I'm going to toronto... but i think it's snowing there too

There is no snow in southwestern ontario >: Really, it rarely snows in my city.

dawww, oh well xD

got any suggestion what to eat there? 8D

It's the same as any other place really xD Out east you need to try seafoods though :3

seafood <3

will definitely noms seafood there xD

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